How to Set Up a Company in Dubai Mainland

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3 min readMay 6, 2022

If you are looking for mainland company formation in Dubai, then this is for sure you need reliable business people services in this emirate, so Start Any Business (SAB) is the reliable name here adjusted to the advanced business atmosphere of this emirate. Company formation in this emirate is challenging but SAB professionals are the best solution for any possibilities.

The emirate of Dubai has formed itself as one of the prime trade locations of the world in the last two decades. This gain feat by presenting investor-friendly rules and making an outstanding action towards growing its technology and infrastructure.

The all-around struggle of Dubai has spreadhead to business people from every corner of the globe to herd here and from their corporations. This truth is evident by the overwhelming 80 percent migrant population. This is clear that forming a corporation is limited to lead to high possibilities.

The Steps for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

• Decide a Name and Business Activity

So, you need to select the name of a corporation that would be sanctioned by the Economic Department of Dubai. At this point, you should choose the business activities that you want to run, so you can make an application for the business license.

• Pick a Sponsor and Sign MOA

It’s an important move that you have to take for mainland company formation in Dubai, get a reliable local sponsor and contract with them to decide an annual charge and build their responsibilities. Then, you should get it in writing, so a Memorandum of Association between you and the sponsor has to be signed.

• Rent an Office

Once you decided on the company name and business activity, you can rent an office space. It is essential as having a legal office address needed in making an application for a business license in this emirate. A word of advice will be to look into virtual offices because they can give a plethora of services at a very reasonable price.

• Collect and Submit Document

Now, you need to go ahead to gather all the necessary papers and present them to the Dubai Economic Department. Pending approvals of your license, you can make the fee payment and get it. From here, you can register in the Chamber of Commerce of Dubai, which would cement your corporation as a valid unit.

• Apply for Visa

There are no limits to mainland visa applications for business people in the mainland. However, the number of visa applications must check with the cost of office space needed. Generally, 100 sq ft of office per visa is the rule. There are circumstances where it cannot be applicable.

• Partner With Company Consultant

Mainland company formation in Dubai needed a high knowledge of legal and formation procedures. Performing with a business setup consultant who assists take the stress out of company formation. The consultant can collaborate with you and comprehend your business targets.

Benefits of Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

• Flexibility and No Trade Limitations

A Dubai mainland corporation has no boundaries on trade between other industries and has no restrictions on spots. Mainland entities can also give services to the government, or business directly with customers from elsewhere in the country. Setting up a company in Dubai mainland also permits businesses to open many branches, forming a robust presence across Dubai.

• Wider Working Scope

Mainland companies are also in status to go through a comprehensive range of work. When you are wishing to diversify your providing within the mainland, simply re-register the new trade activity with the Economic Department, and you are prepared to trade freely.

• Access to Attractive Government Contracts

Any stimulus for mainland company formation in Dubai, that government deals are huge business in the country. In current years, the Abu Dhabi Executive Council sanctioned AED 17.5bn of spending on government contracts. As a formed company in Dubai mainland, you’ll settle to avail of such attractive government tenders.



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